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10 Man-Cave Essentials

Written By: Lydia Lee
Thursday, September 12, 2019

A Recliner For >

A recliner should be the first on the list because a man cave should also be a place where you can >

A Mini Fridge For A Stress-Free Drinking Session

Have more fun with beer and liquor when you have your mini-fridge inside the man cave. You donrsquo;t have to go out of the space every time you need a drink. Lucky for you, a mini-fridge is available in your local hardware store at a reasonable price. You can also look online for cheap, second-hand mini-fridge units. A mini-fridge also makes it easier for you to host future gatherings or parties if you want to use the man cave as there is no need to go back and forth for your guestsrsquo; drinks.

A Television For Entertainment

The purpose of the man cave is to give 100 >

A Pool Table

Aside from the television, itrsquo;s also better to have a form of entertainment that doesnrsquo;t need electricity. Just like the good old days, man caves used only to have pool tables as a source of entertainment. A television sounds tempting but here are the advantages of choosing a pool table as a source of entertainment:

bull;nbsp;It burns calories for players.
bull;nbsp;It increases and improves focus, control, and strategy.
bull;nbsp;There are hand and eye coordination.
bull;nbsp;It improves cognitive skills.
bull;nbsp;It can be a bonding tool for the family, whatever age.

A Few Extra Seats

Your personal space also needs a few extra seats for when you invite friends over. You donrsquo;t have to purchase high-end recliners for everyone. Look for comfortable monoblocs or chairs that are comfortable. You may also visit your local hardware store and find the cheapest set of chairs that donrsquo;t take up too much space but are also convenient. Another option is to recycle extra chairs if you have them and add pillows to sit on.

DIY Liquor Dispensers

Liquor dispensers are great not only for additional room design but theyrsquo;re also space savers for when you donrsquo;t have a mini-fridge yet. All you have to do is follow these steps:

bull;nbsp;Go to the hardware store and purchase a rack that can fit all your favorite liquors, as well as the needed screws, drill, paint. Make sure you are buying adjustable shelves.
bull;nbsp;Drill the rack on the wall.
bull;nbsp;Replace all liquor caps with a faucet-like dispenser.
bull;nbsp;Measure and place all liquor on the rack.
bull;nbsp;Label each liquor bottle.

Another advantage to taking note of is that the DIY liquor dispensers save you a lot of electricity. If yoursquo;re not that high-maintenance, buy ice, and yoursquo;re ready to take the night off and >

A Snack Box Or Snack Vending Machine

A man cave isnrsquo;t complete without food to eat. If you have the extra budget, you can start looking for vending machines second-hand machines are available online, but make sure you check the quality and state before purchasing. Vending machines also save you the time and effort whenever guests arrive. You donrsquo;t have to cook anything because they can quickly get snacks when they get hungry. On the other hand, if you lack the funds to buy a machine, opt to buy large tupperwares or bins instead and fill them up with different snacks.

Sports Memorabilia And Movie Posters

Give off that vintage vibe by filling the walls with movie posters. You can look for old movie posters at thrift stores or antique shops, or you can go online and look for sellers who have collectibles although it could be for a hefty price. Sports memorabilia such as a signed baseball bat or football can be displayed as a centerpiece or also hung up on the walls.

Some Personal Items

Itrsquo;s always nice to add a few personalized items of your own. Personalized items are the right way of reminding you of the memories and good times you had. In addition to this, you donrsquo;t have to spend on additional room designs or unreasonably priced displays. In addition to this, your family members could also help. They can design their memorabilia to put up in your man cave. You can put up pictures and stick them on the wall, of stick them to a string and hang it up.

A Bookshelf Door

Design your door and make it look like a bookshelf by purchasing plywood from the hardware store and make it your base. Once you place that on the door, you can start adding different things you want to put in your bookshelf such as:

bull;nbsp;Books of course.
bull;nbsp;Picture frames.

You can choose anything you want as long as theyrsquo;re old and your family is okay with you using it as a design. The goal is to cover as much as possible and make the door go unnoticed by guests.


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