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Different Types of Pet Doors and What Is Right for Your Home

Written By: ali bajwa
Sunday, August 09, 2020

Installed-in type

An installed pet door is usually installed in a wall in a homes exterior door leading to where your pet needs to go. The door allows your pet to get in and out of your house. It can either be a flap, frame or a tunnel if the wall is very deep. The flapped pet door comprises either an aluminum or plastic frame with one, two or even three flaps that your pet can pass through. But, when using one made of plastic frames, understand that plastic can break easily. Aluminum, on the other hand, can expand and contract when the temperatures change and can even get warped.nbsp;

But, you can buy the replacement flaps. Some companies even sell pet doors with pass-throughs that are already built-in. The installation, friendly cost, and adaptability of this pet door making it ideal. Its also a great door type if you live in a rental house. nbsp;

If you want the tunnel type, use the services of a carpenter or handyman to drill the door tunnel into your wall to avoid damaging anything packed into the walls like plumbing or electricals. Its a better option if you need to limit your pets access to some of the rooms or are a permanent homeowner who doesnt mind drilling holes into your walls.nbsp;nbsp;

Custom-made type

This pet door is one of the best standard types. Its the best pet door whenever you want to make changes in the near future as your pet grows.nbsp;If you have a pet, you can choose one with a shorter door which helps to prevent any injuries.

Patio panel type

A patio panel door has a pre-cut opening and is a good option if you live in a rental or an area with harsh weather conditions. Unlike the installed in tunnel type, patio panel pet door doesnt cause any damage to the walls since you dont have to drill your walls.nbsp;

Electronic type

Electronic or magnetic pet doors have sensor tags connecting to your pets collar that allow an automatic entry or exit. Only a pet with a sensor tag can enter or exit through them. Others can even be programmed to open during certain times of the day. Although expensive, an electric pet door, especially one with sensors protects your pet from unwanted animals like raccoons from entering through it. But, you will need to train your pet before they get used to it.

Getting the right type of pet door will prevent you from having to regularly get up to let your pet out every time they need to go outside. Simply determine which is the best and where you would like to install it.nbsp;

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