Code violations

Code Violations

Nancy Yialouris and the YGR team bring years of experience in dealing and negotiating with local city and state code enforcement agencies. We are actively opening lines of communications with all departments involved to ensure your property is always in compliance with local ordinances.


YGR has a team of experts who specialize in exterior / interior weekly and bi-weekly inspections. These inspections are done at random to ensure our properties remain secure and kept at all times. We report all possible hazards or potential violations immediately to our clients ensuring all items are addressed and are in compliance. These proactive measures illiminate additional client expenses and hardships.

Boardups Trashouts

YGR has long standing relationships with licensed, insured and approved vendors and contractors who are guided by HUD specifications. We make sure all of our homes are secured and trash is removed in getting the asset ready for market. At the same time, we look for the best scenario possible in meeting the “highest & best value” for our clients, often providing options with our suggestions prior to marketing.


YGR is well versed in the complexities of federal and state laws protecting occupant’s rights and we assist our clients in maintaining compliant with all the different housing codes to avoid violations or fines. Nancy and her team work closely with eviction managers and attorneys in keeping good and open occupancy communications. Together with our counter parts, preservation crews and locksmiths, we make sure we are on track with lockouts and that we are meeting with our local Sheriff and related officers, in safeguarding our assets.

Vacant Property Registration

YGR always ensures ordinances are followed and are complied with. This avoids fines and/or future title issues and liabilities to the client. Our staff starts with VPR and proceeds in completing all the related inspections that might be required by any given city prior to closing.

Certificate or ReOccupancy and Use Inspections

Due to our longstanding experience of managing and marketing distressed properties in Florida, our staff is familiar with multiple jurisdiction requirements. This knowledge allows us to remain compliant and also benefits the prospective buyers by providing the reports prior to closing specific to REO.


We understand time is of the essence. Consequently, we assure all utilities are up and running immediately upon directives from our client.


YGR makes it a point to follow each individual client’s signage request. From the basic marketing sales signs, to specific county / client no trespassing signs, to special notices left with occupant with specific verbiage.


We understand the importance of asset access for after all, if we don’t have possession we cannot effectively market and ultimately sell the home. Therefore, it is critical that we are proactive in visiting and communicating with occupants in achieving a cash for keys agreement, in lieu of a potentially lengthy eviction process costing our client unwarranted delays and or expenses.


We use licensed and insured locksmiths to change locks as required to keep your property protected. Only authorized keyholders have access to your property.


YGR offers 20+ years of experience working with a multitude of local established companies specializing in all facets of preservation. We will contact these specific establishments to provide us with bids; trash outs, lawn cuts, securing and or repairing our assets. These companies have the process “know how” from start to finish for the effective marketing conditions.

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